About Us

Why we do what we do...

As people that enjoy entertainment, sports and good humor we are here for you the listener. Dedicating ourselves to what we love the most, we will do our diligent work to always inform to the best of our abilities towards what we believe is right, As individuals is up to every single person to make our own decisions, however its best to have good information before making such decisions. That is why we are here.

Moving Forward

It is with great joy and hard work that we will try to bring you the best of each and everyone of us, so that you will have a good time. This Radio can be listened Worldwide thanks to the digital revolution and we believe that being accessible to every person with access to the internet is something to be excited about.

Thank you for being part of Emerald City Radio and stay tuned because this is just getting started!!


Eduardo de Dios

I love entertainment, so I am here to entertain.


I have always looked to do something that truly enjoyed, After working numerous jobs and living my share of life it seemed that I would never find it, however I could not help but notice that in all my life my biggest joys other than family were gambling and communication. After all since adulthood is what my life had been the constant.


We have all heard “do what you love”. having met so many people through out the years and seeing how they dedicate their time to what they, many times for no compensation whatsoever, and may times so they can make some money. Its astounding to see the work and knowledge of these individuals. Their records and continuation of their pursuit for information has been very impressive. Now here together they are here to inform share their wisdom. all for you the listener.

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